Thursday, November 10, 2011

The other problem

I forgot to mention this earlier but I think it bears being said...

Anyone who goes out downtown knows that many of the Chargers 'star' players are out drinking on Friday and Sat. nights before games. I don't care how good of shape you are in 36 hours is not enough time to shake off a late 2am night of drinking.

Everyone in the bar industry knows whats going on. Guys hiding liqur in cans of soda or redbull so it doesnt look like they are drinking. Out until after the bar closes. Players have even been at 5-10 parties lately! For those that dont know this is a bar that opens from 5am to 10am to collect all the people who are still up partying from the night before.....

But this really goes back to management and coaching who are letting this go on. If your a professional athlete and cant stop partying during the season your an alcoholic. Period.


Anonymous said...

Dave, bang on buddy. Spanos is the real driver of this mess. He is like a deer in headlights. Too afraid to make a change at GM or coach because he fears going back to the losing seasons of years past. But that's exactly where we are ending up and it is Spanos' lack of action that is precisely to blame.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is we can no longer say this team has talent and is underperforming. I think it's a miracle that we have 4 wins.

Anonymous said...

I bet AJ/Spanos won't act even when the Chargers put up a losing record this year. But the worst part is that even if they did, there isn't a good coach willing to take over this group of losers. A quality coach would have killed to take over the Chargers 5 years ago. Now the smart ones will stay way clear of this train wreck.

Ace Face said...

FIVE/TEN is Side Bar from 5PM - 10PM on Sundays. It's after hours for all the Sunday pool parties downtown.

Anonymous said...

Buck ya ur right about that all the fucking good coaches will stay as far away from the chargers

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