Thursday, November 10, 2011

How you like me now?

I havent been updating the site this year because its past the point of arguing about Norv Turner running the Chargers. His record says it all. His perceived attitude seems to pervade the entire organization.

Losing to the Raiders led by a semi-retired player who hasnt played football all year is inexcusable.

I used to defend AJ Smith but I can no longer do that either. His draft picks have been terrible and the only reason his free agent signings that get so much praise are even on the field is because AJ has terrible drafts. Period.

So long fellas! You cannot argue with the decline of the organization over the last 4 years. Its all in the numbers and in the wins and losses column.


metalfan said...

Agreed.. both AJ and Norv have to go.

Anonymous said...

Start with Norv!

Super Thursday said...


Come on - where is your sense of humour? Obviously, you are pissed off right now.

I agree with the drinking and partying comments. Leadership comes from the top. To me, it is part of the Head Coach's job to instill a sense of responsibility to each player that is part of the preparation process for each game. The lack of preparation and discipline shows on the field with each game. You can see the professionals and the wanna be's.

The game tonight made me ill - literally. The Chargers were flat
(AGAIN) and were out played (AGAIN).

Norv Turner has got to go. Repeated stupid mistakes on the field, his players lack of preparation and dedication to the team, his lack of being able to consistantly run a two minute drill, and on and on. Norv Turner SUCKS.

Norv should be fired - end of story.

The Chargers basically suck right now and are not an elite team, just mediocre and going down from there.

Fire Norv Turner and get a real Head Coach and turn this sorry shit tanker around NOW.

morgino said...

Oh lord make it stop....3 losses in a row to the Raiders? I don't even know what to say anymore...this site used to be kinda funny but now it's complete reality, norv has taken the ferrari he as handed a few years ago, drove it into a swamp and brought back a Yugo

Anonymous said...

I'm a Green Bay Packer fan watching the Chargers. Norv Turner is the worst coach I've ever seen! How can he not play a healthy Ryan Mathews? Tolbert is serviceable, but he has no business being in there with 2 minutes to go. Mathews is a Homerun hitter.

Anonymous said...

Even the great Jerry Rice said Norv is the worst coach he's ever played for! Nuff Said. Get him out now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn Chargers. this is an out cry of and under achieving palyers.

Anonymous said...

Norv Turner is the wost coach in the history of football at any level. I should know I am A redskins fan. I would rather go to an old folks home ask for all women over 80 that do not know what football is pick one of them and have them coach my team before I would want Norv Turner.

Seawolf said...

Maybe Dan Snyder will take Norv back after he fires Shanahan! As long as Norv doesn't go to the Cowboys, I don't care.

norv can suck it said...

I would love to see Norv go anywhere away from San Diego, but watch Spanos keep the butt kisser here. He has already wrecked the Chargers. Now, I don't even look forward to the games. We should just call games trainwrecks here in San Diego and hope the players start surviving one of them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Chargers' fans, but you can't have Jim Harbaugh. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Go Niners!

Anonymous said...

It is fact that Norv Turner not only sucks at play calling and coaching football...he also sucks cock.

Anonymous said...

Chuck-Yee.....Chuck-Yee......Chuck-Yee........Nothing like having that little devilish bastard come here and conjure up some fire and brimstrone! He would dial up pressure to torment Teblow like that of which he has never seen. It wouldn't take long to find Teblow taking refuge in some brothel. And............Then I woke up, still to find Norv and AJ embraced in their manwich!

Anonymous said...

Are the Chargers looking to lose fans ?? What in God's name are the Chargers thinking keeping Mr 400 ?? Go back to an Offensive Coordinator, you won Super Bowls but as a head coach GO AWAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is just awfull!!!What a big mistake keeping him, he must be the biggest brown noser because he is an awfull coach!!!!

HateNorv said...

LOL. Only a Norv Turner coached team could take a 24-0 lead and turn it into a blowout the other way......I dealt with this idiot for like 9 seasons
when he was head coach of the Redskins. I simply cannot believe he's still employed as a head coach and the guy he replaced, Marty Shotenheimer
(who was 14-2 regular season when he got fired!!) is retired due to no job opportunities. It tells me that these ego driven owners are not
interested in a winning coach. What they are interested in is a head coach who will kiss their fat ass. Disgusting.

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