Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bumbling Bolts hit the pipe.

Didnt anyone explain the option to Shawn Phillips or did another all nighter run through P.B. or downtown fog up his head? Maybe we were lucky and he just went out Friday into Saturday instead of the usual night before the game.

The play that high school defensive ends learn to shut down in 11th grade was too much for the Chargers today and Tim Tebow pours Jesus juice all over any fire San Diego might have had still burning to make a playoff push. I have to hand it to Denver. They didnt beat themselves and they gave it the ol' college try and came out ahead.

A Boston paper categorized this headline..."Tewbow Mania overshadowing Bumbling Bolts".

Bumbling is a much better adjective than say... Rumbling Bolts.. Bumbling, in fact, is a good word to describe the way Norv Turner looks on the sideline.

Now i know he knows his stuff and his play calling is usually excellent. Some say its the players that have to execute on the field and this is true but its up to the coach to make sure they do.

I can actually cut Norv some slack this year. After crappy draft picks and almost ZERO free agency pickups the team has withered down to something resembling a former supermodel that has been on a Meth binge for 12 months. We are already 90 lbs with sores on our arms and legs and we are about to loose the teeth. Well... maybe losing this game and not making the playoffs 2 years in a row is the teeth.

Hey Spanos when are you going to give some tough love and kick the habit?


jeff said...

Fire Norv. Fire AJ. we have been sliding for years. I would rather watch meth heads play than this crap.

morgino said...

This is what it feels like to be a Raiders fan...and I dont like it

Anonymous said...

Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me feel better than the decision to discontinue my season tickets the year NOrv was hired. VINDICATION.

Anonymous said...

hey retard they sign fa takeo spikes who ain't no slouch, chargers fans are gayer than the chargers

Dave said...

so your idea of a big free agency move is bringing in a guy in his 13th year in the NFL who had been released or traded by 3 other teams already?

Id love to play monopoly with you. Can i trade you Baltic ave. and you give me Boardwalk?

Angus said...

"Sores," not "soars" you Neanderthal

Angus said...

....Oh, and the correct link title was ""TebowMania overshadowing Bumbling Bolts."

Dave said...

thank you for the corrections Anal.. I mean Angus.. The San Diego Union Tribune could use an obsessive proof reader such as yourself. The obviously don't have any on staff.

Anonymous said...

AJ has to go. Norv is awful but AJ is 10x more responsible for the Chargers' current pathetic state.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Phillips is a disaster. He needs to stop worrying about the fans and start concentrating on acting like a responsible professional football player. Win a friggin game for once and stop partying ahole.

Anonymous said...

just a little petition I came across and gladfully signed

Fire Norv Now said...

I cut Norv zero slack. Sure, AJ's picks and signings have been generally horrible for the past few years, but what passes for coaching from Norv doesn't help the young players develop, and has ruined the veteran players. Today was some of the worst playcalling I have ever seen from Norv, and that's saying something, because he has pretty much always sucked at it. Go away, Norv, and take AJ and Manusky with you!

Anonymous said...

I was searching google on "Norv Turner Status" and nothing really came up until I happened upon your page. I love the Chargers and will typically give them the benefit of the doubt that things will turn around.

Today was the day that finally emptied the patience jar into the urinal. What I don't understand is why does Norv not show a sense of urgency or is he in a euphoric "la-la land" thinking that Dean won fire AJ or Norv?

What I want is a coach that shows a driving passion to win the game... It's hard to live in a city where the Padres and Chargers are in last or sinking fast....

Anonymous said...

Cowher, cowher, cowher !!!!

Drop Kick Norv now! said...

I have to say that Norv is not the one dropping balls or throwing ints.,BUT he cannot manage a clock, let alone a team of talented young men, which he has just about completely ruined. The Chargers find new ways to beat themselves each week. This game sucked so much, it turned my stomach.
Anyone who thinks Norv is a good Head Coach should take him...........NOW off of our hands.

The comments mentioning partying and all that shit - that is part of the discipline missing since "nice guy" er, loser Norv took over. Tired of this shit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your "Bumbling Bolts" comments are good - all the talk about "meth" - not good. It's great to find a common place to point out Norv's shortcommings as a coach, cool.
How Norv holds his job is a huge mystery.

To Dean Spanos - Really???? This is the guy you want coaching, modeling, leading, inspiring this group of pro players to work together towards a championship.

I can't possibly think of another way for this team to lose, but somehow, they will find it. What a waste from the 14 and 2 team under Marty to this loser team under Norv.
The Chargers suck, pure and simple.

Fire Scar face said...

Norv. Should have never been hired, yeah he might be a nice guy yeah he is a good qbs couch but no way he has ever knew how to be. A leader of a team. Don't understand how an organzation lose at home against the jets at home in the first round of the playoffs because the team decided not to show up mentally made stupid penaltys and then give the coach a 3 year contract aj smith needs to hit the fn road. Rivers still has what it takes to be great antonio gates is looking as healthy as he has ever been ryan mathews will be a good rb for us sign vj to a danm contract already and the rest of the team start from scratch espec the defense we have no leaders on that defense even though I thought they did really good today and gave our offense plenty of chances to go up the field score some tds and stick the dagger in on denver. But chit flows downhill so start at the front office

Anonymous said...

I'I'mm now officially moving to watch real teams play football until they fire Norv. The top 3 teams in the SEC could beat the Chargers. I guess that's because they have disciplined coaches who the team wants to play for. Maybe JoPa will come kick some sense into these sandlot players. I hate the Jets, but Ryan was right when he said he'd have 2 or 3 SB championships by now! One thing's for sure... he'd make the playoffs!

RIP Chargers said...

You're right! These damn players don't seem to want to win. I used to laugh when the overpaid players of the Raiders would flop around like a fish out of water. I wonder what connection the Bolts and the Raiders have? A losing coach. Only thing is the Raiders were smart enough to fire him. I couldn't stand seeing old big teeth smiling his heart out when Bebo was on the game winning drive. I now hate ALL the teams in the AFC West not just the Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs!!! I guess being a fan for 30 years is long enough to endure mediocrity. Move the team to LA already so maybe we can actually get a team that's worth being a fan of.

subzero05 said...

Norv is a POS , plain and simple and has drivin' this once stacked team into the abyss!. from a chargers fan of 30+ years to not even watching football now!. I knew 4 and 1 was way too good to be true since they only beat losing teams early in the season. this proves how messed up this guy is. For gods sake spanos, get us a real coach!.. when the opposing team has more fans in your stadium than the home team!!.WOW, something is seriously wrong

enef said...

Fire em both. Norv's face wqith 108 and a timeout at the 40 was enough to leave my stomach churning. Take AJ Smith with you and get your loser ass the fuck up outta here.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mediocrity, some of the writing in here needs improvement. However, for the parts of the written comments thaqt I could understand, yes, the Chargers seem to have lost their MoJo, for sure. Norv has been in there the whole time, while the candle kept on burning down.

Now, the candle is just an unusable pile of pitted wax (resembling Norv's face and head - ha!) that needs to be scraped up, discarded and completely replaced. What a disaster. Replacing the coaching staff while key players are not getting any younger and also needing to bring in big time defense players is a tough assignment indeed. A clusterfuck, for sure!
Spanos needs to move on this sooner, than later.

Victor said...

I've been screaming about this since they hired him. Turner is a great QB coach and a decent offensive coordinator, but all I kept hearing is how he had TWO Super Bowl rings. So fucking what? He was a qb coach/coordinator under Jimmy Johnson for fuck's sake. But everyone was blinded by those damn Super Bowl rings. All you had to do was look at his record. Yje only reason he's had such a good record with the Bolts is because the AFC West was one of the weakest divisions for several years.

Anonymous said...

The top three SEC teams could beat the Chargers? Only an idiot would think that.

Smile, Norv, Smile said...

Hey Norv had a big ol' smile tonight after the Chargers beat the Ravens. He looked like he still HAS a job right now and maybe for another whole season.

The Chargers should have been playing like this during the season, not just trying to pull off another come back. It is so rough on the fans and it seems like nobody cares about the fans.

Good game Chargers!

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